Relaxation Massage for soft, long, kneading, rhythmic strokes to the top layer of muscles.    However if you have painful trouble spots a Deep Tissue Massage can help with slow, deliberate focused pressure to multiple layers of muscle.

Hot towels and aromatherapy used with each session.  The ultimate relaxation experience or tension and pain relief.

30 Minute:  $55
60 Minute:  $100
90 Minute:  $150
120 Minute:  $190
During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes, some of them stressful and uncomfortable. Massage is the perfect way to reduce stress and promote general well being. Side-lying postures and personalized techniques are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen. Not recommended until after the first trimester.

Postnatal Massage will help with realignment of the pelvic floor after birth.  Relaxes muslces, improves circulation, and reduces stress hormones.

90 Minute:  $160
Most of us live in an environment of sitting, whether it's at a desk, in a car, or on a couch at the end of the day.  A variety of skillful and precise techniques are used to restore postural balance working the spine from the front and back, improving range of motion, but most importantly the tension and pain dissipates with structure back in alignment. It's a difference you can see and feel.  This specialized massage is particularly helpful for people suffering with chronic pain, chronic stress and athletes looking to perform at a higher level.

60 Minute:  $140
90 Minute:  $190
120 Minute:  $240
This massage is the perfect combination of stress relief, relaxation, and muscle repair. This service is loaded with relaxation and health benefits.  It includes Aromatherapy, Heart shaped Himalayan Salt Stone, Simple Jane broad-spectrum CBD oil, and massage therapist of your choice.  

Prior to your massage your therapist will go over your options for aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy can provide many different avenues for your massage experience.  It can relieve stress, anxiety, reduces pain and/or inflammation, it can set the tone of the massage as well.  Of course those of you who prefer non-scented, you're always welcome to opt out. 

Why Simple Jane CBD oil?  The name is truly a cute play of words but it actually also represents the motto of the mother & daughter team who created Simple Jane.  They wanted to make it organic, powerful and effective and so they did!  Zero additives and no preservatives.  The perfect combination to tackle inflammation and pain.  We wouldn't have partnered with anyone else.  

The heart shaped Himalayan Salt Massage Stone is the power punch.  The salt stone is chock full of high vibing Reiki energy and has over 84 trace minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium and more. The stone is used to stretch out the fascia while exfoliating the skin allowing the CBD oil and the stone minerals to penetrate into deeper layers nourishing the skin and body.  This heart shape stoned will be your gift to take home and the great news is it lasts for years.  So you can create your own recovery session at home before climbing into bed at night.  

Put the brakes on, this time out is everything you need.

75 Minute:  $140
90 Minute:  $160
120 Minute:  $210
Feeling beat up?  Does your career or hobbies take your body to the edge of it's limits?  If so, this package is for you. Simple Jane broad spectrum CBD massage, heated Synergy stones and Cupping.  

Have you heard of Simple Jane CBD oil?  The name is truly a cute play of words but it actually also represents the motto of the mother & daughter team who created Simple Jane.  They wanted to make it organic, powerful and effective and so they did!  Zero additives and no preservatives. The perfect combination for reducing inflammation and pain.  

Synergy stones blends heat, pressure and additional soft tissue techniques to sooth pressure, motion and temperature receptors in the skin.  It warms muscles, tendons, and ligaments encouraging improved blood and lymph circulation.    Promotes release of adhesions and trigger points.  Relieves muscle pain and discomfort.  Helps detoxify the body, tone the skin, and stimulate the immune system.  Calming the nervous system and decreasing stress.  

Benefits of cupping include: promotes the release of scar tissue and/or fascial adhesions, reduces painful trigger points, improves lymph circulation, relieves pain, promotes mobility and range of motion, and improves mature scars.

90 Minute:  $195
120 Minute:  $245
Cymatics is the branch of science that studies how the wave phenomena, especially sound impacts matter. Based on this scientific research, Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) is sound technology that directs healing frequencies into the body to restore resonance and harmony.  

Benefits include reduction in pain, muscle tension, anxiety relief, enhances relaxation, decreases stress, and improves sleep.   You can almost call this experience an internal massage, vibrating every single cell in the body with specific healing frequencies.  With repeated use, this is a transformational experience.  Click below to see a cymatics demonstration.  Pay particular attention to the water in the video, humans being 60-80% water depending on hydration levels, sound has a significant impact on our bodies.  Enjoy!  We'll see you soon.

Cymatics demonstration

30 Minute:  $30
60 Minute:  $60
Sometimes referred to as a hypnagogic light machine or as audio visual brainwave entrainment, roXiva uses stroboscopic white light combined with sound. Expertly crafted sessions will effortlessly guide you into deeply relaxing or profoundly inspiring states of mind consistently and reliably. It does this using a natural ability of the brain to synchronize to and follow external sources of rhythm. Our brain works in waves of neural activity. And these waves have a frequency depending on your state of body and mind. By changing the frequency of brain activity, you change your state of being.  

With over one hundred sessions ranging from sleep inducing, destressing, experiencing joy, relief from anxiety, power nap, finding creative solutions, getting in the zone for productivity, and much more.  Each session has a unique ability to quiet and balance the mind, much like years of meditation.

Session lengths vary from ten minutes to an hour.  Due to session length differences, appointments for this service must be booked through our staff.  Please call or text, (901) 504-6011.
Asked Questions
What should I expect during my first appointment?

You will be required to fill out a Client Intake Form prior to your first session. Your therapist will ask general questions to determine if there are any conditions that need to be addressed and what type of massage is appropriate. It is important to communicate health concerns and related medications so that your therapist can determine if massage is right for you and adapt the session to your specific needs.

Of Massage
Massage Therapy has many benefits that touch our lives throughout a day.  Among other benefits, massage can:
Stress Reduction
While eleminating stress in todays world is idealistic, massage can help manage this aspect of our everyday lives.

  • Decrease Anxiety
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Improve Concentration
  • Enhance Sleep
This translates into a reduction of stress and an increased level of energy.

Massages are by appointment only.  You can book your next appointment by Phone / Text at (901) 504-6011 or through the link below.