Our Therapists
Christin Presley
Christin PresleyMassage Therapist
Christin is a second year massage therapist specializing in holistic massage. Holistic massage focuses on destressing the mind, body, and spirit. She uses specalizied training in areas such as Reiki/Energy healing and sound therapy to calm the client. Christin is a mother of 2 beautiful children. She loves lighthouses, is an avid reader, and longs to travel to Coastal Maine.
Roy Taylor
Roy TaylorMassage Therapist
Roy is an experienced massage therapist with 200+ hours of CEUs and 18 years hands on experience. Roy uses an integrative modality approach to improve restrictions and decrease pain. Roy loves spending time with his wife, taking international trips, and is a connoisseur of coffee.
Tracey Morgan
Tracey MorganMassage Therapist
Tracey is an experienced massage therapist with 100+ hours of CEUs and five years hands on experience. She specializes in therapeutic massage with the intention of correcting chronic pain patterns. She is a mother to three amazing children, loves hiking, music, reading, and addicted to learning all she can about frequency and sound therapy.