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Fermata Massage and Wellness


We are often asked what is Fermata and how do you say it?  Fermata is pronounced fer-mah-tah.  It is a word often associated with music that means to pause or rest on a note in a piece of music.  We at Fermata view the body much like a piece of music.  Just as a wrong note affects a melody, the body can be out of tune from muscle tension, stress and pain.  Tension, stress and pain in one area of the body, affects the entire body physically, spiritually and mentally.  Massage restores harmony in the body.  

Many people are under the influence that physical pain is apart of aging but it is not.  Pain, numbness, tingling, can be dramatically changed with massage.  We often hear comments about feeling ten years younger.  If you're in pain, you don't have to be.
Our Services
Relaxation Massage
Soft, long, kneading, rhythmic strokes to the top layer of muscles.  Relieves muscular tension, increases blood flow and reduces mental stress.  Hot towels and aromatherapy used with each session.  The ultimate relaxation experience.
Our Therapists
Roy Taylor
Roy TaylorMassage Therapist
Tracey Morgan
Tracey MorganMassage Therapist
Carrie Shaver
Carrie ShaverMassage Therapist
Hillary Wilke
Hillary WilkeMassage Therapist
Helen Prather
Helen PratherMassage Therapist
Kiana Bryant
Kiana BryantMassage Therapist
Breanna Roberts
Breanna RobertsMassage Therapist
Fermata is a musical note that means rest or pause and can be lengthened to an unspecified amount of time.  Just as a wrong note makes a piece of music out of tune, the body can be out of tune from muscle tension, stress and pain.  Massage restores harmony in the body.